Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy

Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy
Tricia Mathes

645 logan St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
p. 616-819-2600 f. 616-819-2596

Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy is a beautiful, new state-ofthe-art facility serving students in grades preschool through eight, including a moderately cognitively impaired classroom.

Martin Luther King Leadership Academy's staff is dedicated to providing explicit and systematic instructions for all learners. Teachers use current data to align the content of daily lessons. Grouping, interventions, and other resources are utilized from the results of data. All curriculum is taught through the guidance of grade level content expectations.

The guiding principles adopted by staff include high expectations for all students to succeed, the importance of lifelong learning, appreciating and understanding that diversity is affirming and strengthens the community, consistency is a necessary component of education, and self-esteem is essential for personal growth.

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