The policies and administrative rules of the Grand Rapids Public Schools Board of Education, Kent County, Michigan, are the result of a combined effort of the professional staff of the Michigan Association of School Boards, the Board of Education and the District's staff. 

The staff of MASB has written the policy and rule model and integrated into that model the valid policies and procedures selected by the District at the time of the first draft. After forwarding the first draft, a MASB staff member, and selected staff members of the District worked in consort to edit all of the proposed policies and rules resulting in preparation of a final draft to be presented to the Board.

A special acknowledgement goes to the Board members and to the Superintendent of Schools who spent many hours studying the drafts and revisions to these policies and rules.

Full list of Board Policies & Rules:

Section 1000: Board Bylaws

Section 2000: General School Administration

Section 3000: Fiscal Management

Section 4000: Business Management

Section 5000: Personnel

Section 6000: Negotiations

Section 7000: Instructional Program

Section 8000: Students

Section 9000: General Public and Organizational Relations

GRPS Student Policy Handbook