Departmental Listings

Departments Department Head Title Phone E-Mail
Art/Music and Shared Time Margaret Malone Director 616-819-2156
Athletics & Dual Enrollment Kurt Johnson Executive Director 616-819-2010
Board of Education Julie Anderson Executive Assistant 616-819-2193
Business & Finance Larry Oberst Chief Financial Officer 616-819-2070
Communications & External Affairs John Helmholdt Executive Director 616-819-2149
Community & Student Affairs Mel Atkins II Executive Director 616-819-2125
Curriculum & Library & Media Services Jonathan Harper Director 616-819-2595
Early Childhood Kate Lara Director 616-819-2111
Extended Learning / After School Rosie Holmes Director 616-819-2165
Facilities Management, Planning, Design, Construction & Rennovation Long Nguyen Director 616-819-3507
GRASP Lori Peterson Director 616-819-2548
Health Services Kim Baron Director 616-391-3309
High Schools & Alternative Education Rodney Lewis Executive Director 616-819-2112
Human Resources Sharron Pitts Assistant Superintendent and General Counsel 616-819-2031
K-12 Instructional Support Dr. Ron Gorman Deputy Superintendent 616-819-2018
K-8 & Middle School Instructional Support Dr. Karl Nelson Executive Director 616-819-2020
Leadership Dual Language Immersion/Transitional Bilingual Schools/ELL/Equity and Inclusion Dr. Mayda Bahamonde-Gunnell Executive Director 616-819-2129
Management Information Systems Craig Ghareeb Coordinator 616-819-2474
Native American Education Program Dr. Mayda Bahamonde-Gunnell Executive Director 616-819-7266
Nutrition Services Phillip Greene Director 616-819-2135
PreK-5 & K-8 Instructional Support Matthew Beresford Bridget Cheney Executive Director 616-819-2020
Professional Learning & Curriculum Erich Harmsen Executive Director 616-819-2340
Public Safety & School Security Larry Johnson Chief of Staff & Executive Director 616-819-2100
Purchasing & Supply Shirley Dianne Liggins Director 616-819-2175
Secondary Schools Rodney Lewis Executive Director 616-819-2112
Special Education Laura Lamore Executive Director 616-819-2185
Student Data Services Jamel Embree Director 616-819-2152
Superintendent's Office Leadriane Roby, Ph.D. Superintendent 616-819-2193
Transportation Bruce Grant Director 616-819-3000