You have a very sound program and I am personally and professionally pleased with the outcome it has produced in my daughter. She is becoming more confident with her mathematical skills and looks forward to the new experiences your program offers.

- Stanley, father and associate professor

GRASP helps a parent to get to know more about their child and see how they think.

- Sue, parent

Sara has really enjoyed working on the GRASP program this summer. Her enthusiasm remained throughout, and she eagerly looked forward to the return mail and your cute comments.

- Mary, parent

We are so thankful you offer this program to help our children stay in the study habit.

- Ken & Marilyn, parents and teachers

My kids are both straight A students. I attribute part of this to using GRASP every summer.

- Christine, parent

I just want to let you know that this program is a fine alternative to sitting in school in the summer. There are many parents who want their children to keep up with the academics and GRASP offers that opportunity with less stress on the child.

- Jean, Principal

I am very happy with this program. I plan on using it again next summer. My son has not only retained his skills but has expanded them.

- Susan, parent

Thanks for such a wonderful program. It made learning fun this summer.

- Carol, parent

With the help of this program our daughter, Kelsi, is ahead of her class and doing well. I would like to continue these programs with my two youngest children.

- Union City, MI

My daughter participated in your Reading program this summer and I was very impressed with the material.

- Lake Zurick, Illinois

Thank you for giving Brandi the opportunity to work on her math during the summer. This is a super program and it was great for her to practice and keep her memory fresh until school begins again. The variety in this packet was great.

- LaCresent, MN

Just a note to let you know, as a parent working with my child on the GRASP program, I really enjoyed going through this with my child and helping him. This program was very helpful. I hope the GRASP program will continue through the years to come to help our children with a better education. I support this program 100%. I think it’s wonderful.

- Dryden, MI

I would like to compliment your organization for the study material I have been using to help prepare me for the next school year. I feel the information is very useful and it is in-line with what we studied in the fifth grade.

- Grand Blanc, MI