Family & Community Engagement

Family & Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.) department supports parents, guardians, and community stakeholders by building a cooperative link between home, school, and the community. Our goal is to remove barriers that impede scholar growth and success.

What is F.A.C.E.?

F.A.C.E. is mutual commitment among families, schools, and community to effectively support the development of the whole child.

Family: All adults who interact in support of their child, including biological, adoptive, and foster parents; grandparents; legal informal guardians (e.g., friends of family); and siblings. 

Caregiver: The child's parent, guardian, or trustworthy adult. 

Whole Child Development: A holistic approach to education that generally encompasses the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of the scholar. 

F.A.C.E. Programs & Initiatives

We provide and support programs that connect families to helpful resources that benefit whole child development such as:

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