Seal of Biliteracy

Our scholars have the opportunity to be recognized for their bilingual skills through the Michigan Seal of Biliteracy.

Michigan is one of 36 states, along with the District of Columbia, awarding high school scholars with a Seal of Biliteracy. The Michigan Seal of Biliteracy was created by the Michigan Department of Education to recognize high school graduates who exhibit language proficiency in English and at least one additional world language.

The Seal may be awarded to any scholar receiving a high school diploma, a high school certificate of completion, or a high school equivalency certificate and who has demonstrated intermediate high proficiency on acceptable world language assessments.

It was designed to encourage scholars to study world languages and embrace their native and heritage languages. It also provides employers with a way to identify individuals with strong language and biliteracy skills. The Seal may serve as an additional tool for colleges and universities to recognize applicants' language abilities for admission and placement.

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If you are a scholar eligible to receive the Seal of Biliteracy, you may apply online by clicking the button below. Applicants must have a valid e-mail address and create a MIES account to begin the application process. For assistance with your application, please contact our Curriculum Department at

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Michigan Seal of Biliteracy