Grand Rapids Academic Summer Program

Grand Rapids Academic Summer Program (GRASP) is a summer math and reading correspondence program that helps scholars in grades kindergarten through 8th retain skills learned during the school year by providing review exercises.

GRASP Curriculum

Teachers and curriculum professionals developed GRASP as a cost efficient substitute for traditional summer school. Lessons were written to correlate with the Common Core Standards which most states have adopted.

GRASP offers 9 lessons to be submitted during the summer - one per week or at a scholar's own pace as long as they are submitted before the final due date. Each lesson reinforces the basic skills typically found in most curricula at that particular grade level. GRASP staff score the lesson and return it to the scholar with comments.

Packets are available for scholars finishing grades K-8 to review their math and reading skills. Scholars finishing grades 4-8 can select online resources instead of the packets.

We recognize our scholars' efforts by awarding a certificate to those who successfully complete at least seven lessons  with 70% accuracy. A medal is given to scholars who successfully complete all nine lessons from their packet.


Great Activity for Summer Months

"This brings back happy memories of when our daughter Jennifer participated in GRASP 30 years ago. A great activity for the summer months. Now she's a mom and MD passing on the tradition."

- Grandpa Duke

Expanding Skills

"I am very happy with this program. I plan on using it again next summer. My son has not only retained his skills but has expanded them."

- Susan, parent

Parent & Child Engagement

"GRASP helps a parent to get to know more about their child and see how they think."

- Sue, parent

Retain Study Habits

"We are so thankful you offer this program to help our children stay in the study habit."

- Ken & Marilyn, parents and teachers

Sound Program that Builds Confidence

"You have a very sound program and I am personally and professionally pleased with the outcome it has produced in my daughter. She is becoming more confident with her mathematical skills and looks forward to the new experiences your program offers."

- Stanley, father and associate professor

Scholar Enthusiasm

"Sara has really enjoyed working on the GRASP program this summer. Her enthusiasm remained throughout, and she eagerly looked forward to the return mail and your cute comments."

- Mary, parent

What is the program format?

Each course in math and reading consists of a packet of nine weekly lessons, envelopes addressed to the scoring center, and pencil. Each lesson is constructed to reinforce typical basic skills generally found in most curricula at that particular grade.

What should my child expect?

A scholar is enrolled in reading and/or math by assignment to the level that was completed during the school year. Special needs scholars and gifted scholars can compensate by simply enrolling at the level appropriate for them. Completed answer sheets are sent to a scoring center where trained personnel process the responses and return the corrected copy. The lessons can be scheduled around family vacations or camp.

How do scholars benefit?

Our program is uniquely designed to provide encouragement and reinforcement to scholars over the summer by: providing feedback on a weekly basis, providing help on problem areas and awarding successful work. Using the GRASP materials helps scholars recall information learned during the school year over the summer. The scholar is ready to start the next school year without losing important skills and thought processes.

Does my school benefit from this program?

Yes. We keep track of each scholar's progress and completion. We mail each participating district a report on the scholars that they enrolled. Offering this program shows parents how important education is to your staff.


Register for GRASP

Register Online

If your school or district does not participate by enrolling scholars in GRASP, register online by clicking the button below. The cost for independent enrollment is $38 for one subject or $68 for both math and reading. If ordering the mail-in packets, we will send them materials to your home. If ordering online GRASP we will email you when the payment is processed and the account is activated.

 Register for GRASP Online

Register by Mail or Fax

You may also download our GRASP Enrollment Form PDF to print, complete, and return by mail or fax. If you need assistance accessing this PDF form, please contact our Director of GRASP at

Mail: Please deliver form to 2405 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505.

Fax: Please fax form to 616-819-2545.


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Lori Peterson
Director of Grand Rapids Academic Summer Program (GRASP)