High School Support

Our dedicated Guidance Counselors assist and advise high school scholars on academic achievement plans, course selections, college choices, scholarship applications and career options. We strive to provide resources that will prepare our scholars for the real world.

Success Centers

GRPS has two Success Centers designed for scholars who may need extra support recovering high school credit, be off-track academically, or have experienced other challenges that required an alternative educational setting.‚Äč Success Centers are referral-based schools offered to GRPS scholars already enrolled in GRPS. Referrals will be given to schools who require high school support.


Transcript Request

Our Guidance Counselors are here to help prepare our scholars and alumni for their future. Whether you need an official transcript for your college application or to begin your career journey, you will first need to request your official transcript. Please contact your school's guidance counselor for your official transcript.

You may alsofill out a records request form and send it to our Community & Student Services department at enrollment@grps.org. You will also need to submit a photocopy of identification, which can be a state ID, driver's license, passport, or birth certificate. Please allow up to three business days to process the request. Community & Student Services will be in contact for updates or questions.


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