Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Grand Rapids Public Schools! Your time, energy, and talent are vital to the success of our scholars and schools, and we are grateful for your service to our community. 

Your support is important. Your time is valued. Volunteers like you help:

  • Ensure the success of vital extracurricular programs like music, theater, sports, and the arts

  • Provide our teachers with additional hands, ears, eyes, and hearts on field trips, at school events, and in the classroom

  • Ensure the smooth operation of many school activities that may be limited or not happen without you

  • Help create a caring, supportive, inclusive environment for all of our scholars


Applying to volunteer is easy!

Step 1: Submit Application.

Click the button below to complete the online volunteer application. (You may also download the PDF version of the application and bring it to Franklin Campus, 1331 Martin Luther King Jr St SE, or to the school at which you plan to volunteer).

Volunteer Application

Step 2: Criminal Background Check.

Applicants are subjected to a criminal background check through the State of Michigan. When you submit your application, the background check happens automatically. 

Step 3: Receive Notification and Badge.

Processing time is approximately three weeks. You will receive notification of approval via email, and your volunteer badge will be sent to the school indicated on your application. The badge is valid for two years, and it allows access to all GRPS sites. 

*In the case that you are denied, a letter will be sent to the address you provided notifying you of your denial. A notice will also be sent to the building principal, but it will not include any details of the background check or reason for denial.