High School Athletics

In the Grand Rapids Public Schools, we provide high quality, enriching athletic experiences for scholars at ALL of our high schools.

We believe in helping our scholar-athletes learn important skills that will help them succeed in the classroom, on the court, and throughout their lives. As a district, we abide by all guidelines set forth by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA), and our teams compete in the Ottawa-Kent Conference, a premier sports conference in West Michigan. 

High School Athletics for All

We want our GRPS scholars to be able to choose a high school based on their preferred academic model and have the opportunity to play sports. That is why GRPS scholar-athletes can do both! Scholars who attend our neighborhood high schools and scholars who attend our theme high schools have an opportunity to participate in athletics through either Union High School or Ottawa Hills High School. By operating two strong, centralized athletic programs, we are able to provide an inclusive, enriching athletic experience for all scholar-athletes throughout the district. 

High School Programs

For specific program information, including schedules and team-related content, please visit each program's athletic page by clicking the buttons below.

 Ottawa Hills High School BigTeams Union High School BigTeams

Program Declarations

  • Scholars who attend Ottawa Hills High School compete for Ottawa Hills High School. Go Bengals!
  • Scholars who attend Union High School compete for Union High School. Go Redhawks!
  • Scholars who attend a theme school (CA Frost Middle High, City High Middle, GR Montessori Middle High, Museum Middle High, GR University Preparatory Academy, Innovation Central, Southwest Middle High) are permitted to make a one time declaration regarding the program for which they wish to compete: Ottawa Hills or Union. 
    • This declaration process applies to any incoming freshman, new scholars to the district in grades 9-12, and any scholar who has never participated in athletics for GRPS at the high school level. 
    • This declaration is for all sports a student elects to play. Once a school program is declared, the scholar-athlete will remain with that program for all sports throughout high school. If a scholar-athlete wishes to change their declaration, they are subject to the MHSAA transfer guidelines.