Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Equity & Inclusion was established to ensure that all scholars are educated, productive and self-directed members of society by ensuring access to an equitable education experience that celebrates and capitalizes on the diversity of our scholars, staff and community.

Equity Vision Statement

Grand Rapids Public Schools will implement equitable and culturally sustaining practices and strategies to ensure that ALL GRPS scholars — inclusive of race, color, age, religion, national origin, ethnicity, language, immigration status, ability, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and mobility — are educated, productive, and self-directed members of society. We will remove barriers contributing to disproportionate outcomes by incorporating anti-racist and inclusionary practices. The diverse identities of scholars will be valued, celebrated, and represented throughout the district in order to ensure a sense of belonging.

Our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan development was guided by an Equity Vision Statement that details our aspirations for our district, our scholars, our staff, and our families.

Through our efforts, we strive to be:

  • A model school district where equity and inclusion are infused in every aspect of our district landscape for all students and staff 
  • An organization where biases are recognized and challenged to create a supportive and inclusive environment, so barriers to success are removed
  • A community in which our diversity is understood, valued, and respected by all

Equity & Inclusion at GRPS

To accomplish the goals of our Equity Vision, we focus on improving the experience for each and every scholar, staff member, and family that engages with GRPS.

Each and every scholar will:

  • Have a voice, provide critical input, influence decision making, and hold our system accountable for equity in their classrooms, schools, and district;
  • Be seen, valued, empowered, supported, heard, and feel a sense of belonging and safety;
  • Be represented in the content, curriculum, and practices of a culturally responsive environment;
  • Be partners in and influence their learning;
  • Demonstrate, upon graduation, that they are prepared for college and career;
  • Have equitable access to high quality instruction and programs; 
  • Achieve at high levels by actively engaging in rigorous, grade-level learning
  • Feel welcomed and socially, emotionally, and physically safe.

Each and every staff member will:

  • Believe in the potential of each and every scholar and match that belief with high expectations and even higher support;
  • Commit to anti-racist practices both pedagogically and social emotionally in order to create culturally sustaining environments; 
  • Invite, amplify, utilize, and respond to scholar voice;
  • Actively engage and support each and every scholar in rigorous, grade-level learning;
  • Collaborate with each other and with families to support the whole child;
  • Create an environment where our scholars and families feel a sense of belonging. 

Each and every family is:

  • Equally welcomed, valued, connected, and empowered as partners in the school community in culturally sustaining ways;
  • A partner in the decision-making process through supported two-way communication;
  • Recognized and acknowledged for the unique set of resources and knowledge they offer about their scholars.

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