Attendance Area Finder

The Attendance Area Finder is your resource to finding neighborhood schools within the attendance area boundaries of your home address. Residents within the GRPS district with school-age children will be assigned to the schools found using the Attendance Area Finder.

As the 8th largest school district in Michigan, we are proud to offer a variety of school choices for children in preschool through 12th grade. View all GRPS schools to find a school that fits your needs. You may choose to attend other schools within our district through our enrollment or theme school application process.

Note: In some cases, an address may have two schools listed for middle school. This occurs when the neighborhood elementary is a K-8 school. 6th-8th grade scholars interested in attending the K-8 school should complete an in-district transfer form. For questions regarding this process, please email or call Community & Student Services at 616-819-2150.


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