Website Accessibility

Our Accessibility Standards

We strive to follow optimal accessibility standards to ensure that all who visit our website have the ability to access the content they need to be informed and stay engaged with Grand Rapids Public Schools. In accordance with federal regulations, our accessibility standards comply with the W3C WAI’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA and any updated equivalents of these guidelines.

Third-Party Content

Content on third-party websites that are linked to the GRPS website are identified on each page using the  icon. This indicates that the content on the third-party website may follow other accessibility standards. GRPS is not responsible for the accessibility of content on third-party websites, but will offer reasonable accommodations and support as needed.

Accessibility Quality Assurance

GRPS is dedicated to providing the resources needed to support our website accessibility standards. In 2022, we have made substantial changes to our website, implementing standards and best practices that make accessibility our top priority. 

Website Administrator Training

Before becoming an official website administrator, GRPS staff responsible for creating and maintaining website content are trained to strictly follow our accessibility standards. Training includes best practices for creating accessible PDFs, photos, videos, and all other website content. The district Webmaster carefully reviews content for compliance before it is published on the website.

Routine Accessibility Auditing

A monthly website accessibility audit is performed through ADA compliance testing software provided by Foxbright CMS. Testing allows GRPS to track areas of improvement and fix any accessibility issues.

Accessibility Issue Report Form

If there are areas of improvement that have not been identified by our accessibility audit, users with impairments that prevent them from accessing a vital piece of content or information on our website may report a website accessibility issue by completing and submitting the form on this page. The issue reported will be reviewed by our Accessibility Team. You will receive an email addressing your concerns. For immediate assistance with an accessibility issue, please call our Accessibility Team directly by calling 616-819-5968.

Report a Website Accessibility Issue

Help for If applicable, please enter the URL (web address) that you are experiencing website accessibility issues. Ex:


Page updated on July 1, 2022