Construction Project Blogs

Reimagining Congress Elementary

The project at Congress Elementary includes a complete replacement of the old heating system, providing new cooling and ventilation to the building. The project also includes upgrades to interior finishes in the building and new electric and gas service. Read more...

Reimagining Grand Rapids Montessori Academy

The biggest part of renovation at historic Grand Rapids Montessori Academy involves replacing the old heating system and providing a new cooling and ventilation system. During the project, we are also adding new flooring throughout the building, some painting updates, pavement repair, new electric and gas service and some upgrades to playground equipment. Read more...

Reimagining Innovation Central High & GR Montessori Middle High

The investment projects at Innovation Central High School represent monumental improvements in the state’s oldest functioning high school building. Read more...

Reimagining Kent Hills Elementary

Kent Hills Elementary is receiving air conditioning for the first time as part of a major investment in the northeast side elementary school. The project upgrades the old heating-only system to a heating, cooling and ventilation system. The work also includes new electrical and controls infrastructure to the new units. Read more...

Reimagining North Park Montessori at Wellerwood Early Childhood Center

The scope of the project includes upgrading the old HVAC units from heating-only to heating, cooling and ventilation units. This work also includes new electrical and controls infrastructure to the new units. Read more...

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