Nutrition Services

The Grand Rapids Public Schools Nutrition Services Department takes great pride in serving our scholars nutritious and wholesome school meals. By providing free breakfast, lunch and after-school snacks daily, even through the summer, we play an integral role in the academic achievement of GRPS scholars and beyond.

What's for Breakfast and/or Lunch?

Breakfast: A full breakfast includes a choice of 4 items from the following food groups: grains, fruits and milk. Scholars must choose at least 3 items and one item must be a fruit.

Lunch: A full lunch includes a choice of 5 items: protein and grains (often included in the entree), vegetables, fruits and milk. Scholars must choose at least 3 of the 5 items and one item must be a fruit or vegetable.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Nutrition Services provides healthy meals for the GRPS District and non-GRPS districts. 

Find your breakfast or lunch menu by clicking the link to your school. Contact your school directly for specific "no school" or "half days" that may not be listed on the breakfast and lunch menus.


Menus Subject to Change Without Notice

While it is our intention to serve the posted menu items each day at every school, unprecedented issues with the supply chain may cause menu alterations with little or no notice. We are working closely with our distributors and manufacturers to secure both the food and supply items needed to support our program. We will try to substitute the scheduled menu item with another that is as similar as possible. Please know that we will continue to provide nutritious meals every day!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday | 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Contact Us

Nutrition Services
Call 616-819-2135


Food Allergies

Please report any food allergies that your child has to your school nurse. It is extremely important that we have updated information to protect all scholars who enjoy our free breakfast, lunch, and snacks.