Native American Education Program

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Native American Education Program (NAEP) is to support our Native American students in successful academic achievement and to preserve and respect the whole person through culturally relevant activities.

Vision Statement:

"A balanced and productive future"

"Gakina agegoo ji-ni-minoowazhiwebag"

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What is the Native American Education Program?

NAEP is a federally funded program throughout the United States Government known as Title VI. Through the collection of student eligibility (506) forms, we are able to provide many services to Native American students within our district. Our program offers academic support, evening programming and community events that are supported by the Grand Rapids Public Schools and program support personnel.

Title VI Indian Education Education Program

NAEP provides many services to GRPS Native American students who are identified through the Student Eligibility (506) form. The Native American Support Coordinator serves as a liaison and academic resource advocate for Native American students in K-12th grades to increase graduation rates.

Program Service Delivery

Photo of Native American Education Program Service Delivery Wheel Call 616-819-3318 for details

*Pow Wow

Maampi-E-Oujiijig Anishinaabe Binoojiinyag (Native children who originate from here). This is an annual event that we do in the Spring. Any Native American student can attend our afterschool program and would like to make regalia, can do so and dance in the Pow Wow.

Youth Drum Groups

Our program schedules presentations for age appropiate students in grades K-12 on Native American Culture.

*College Leadership Group

This program provides assistance with financial aid, college campus visits and preparing for college. (9th-12th)

*Native American Support Coordinators (K-12)

Academic goals

Increase graduation rates by:

  • Encouraging student involvement in after school programs, academic clubs or sports clubs.
  • Encouraging good student learning habits by acknowledgement of good grades and good behavioral habits using positive reinforcements
  • Facilitating personal goal setting.


  • Meet with Native American students regularly to monitor students' progress.
  • Assist with team approach (student, family, teachers, advocate and princpal) to assess appropriate intervention plan.
  • Assist students with transition from elementary into middle school and middle school into high school.
  • Document student/family contacts and maintain data.

Parent Meetings

Schedule will be posted on this site. 

Parents, Grandparents and Community Members of Native children can attend meetings to help design and implement a program that is both educational and culturally relevant.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to volunteer for any activity, please contact our office at 616-819-3318.


850 Chatham N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504 

Office: 616-819-3318 Fax: 616-819-6400 

Miranda Recollet
Program Specialist

Loretta Castaneda
Office Assistant

Christine Sanborn
Academic Support Coordinator

Amy Westcott
Student/Parent Coordinator