Transfer to a GRPS School

Thank you for making Grand Rapids Public Schools your choice. As a district, we pride ourselves on providing one of the largest comprehensive school choice selections for students in preschool through 12th grade. We invite families within our district and out of district to explore our school choices through the school transfer process.

Transfer with the School of Choice Plan

Applications accepted until August 21, 2023

GRPS participates in the Kent Intermediate School District Collaborative School of Choice Plan. Scholars who apply for the School of Choice Plan must be a resident of a district that the Kent ISD serves. For more information on participating districts and deadlines, view School of Choice Plan details and deadlines on the Kent ISD website. 

The application deadline for the School of Choice Plan is set by Kent ISD. The 2022-2023 Schools of Choice application window is April 10-May 12, 2023; seats not filled during the initial application period will remain available until August 21, 2023. Currently, we still have seats available! Once a student is accepted, there is no need to apply every year. Only one application is required per child.


A few important notes about the School of Choice Plan:

  • If space allows, applicants who have a sibling attending GRPS may be given priority. 
  • Our district may refuse to enroll an applicant who has been suspended, expelled, or convicted of a felony. 
  • We do not guarantee placement at a specific school. 
  • Transportation is not provided under this plan. 

The application is available online beginning April 10, 2023. For a paper version, email or call our office at 819-2150. 

  • One application per student, per year may be submitted to one school district.  You may indicate a second choice and third choice on your application.  (If you apply to more than one district you may be disqualified for all districts that year.)
  • If more applications are received in a district than openings are available, there will be a random lottery drawing for all applications received prior to the deadline.  If your application is not selected by your first-choice district, they will automatically forward your application to your second and/or third choice districts.
  • According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association students accepted into the Schools of Choice program who are in grades 10 – 12 will not be eligible to participate in sports for one semester – until the second half of the school year.
  • Accepted students must agree to comply with choice districts policies.
  • Transportation is NOT provided for Schools of Choice students.  Parents must provide their own transportation to and from school for children accepted for enrollment through the Kent ISD Collaborative Schools of Choice Plan.
  • After you are accepted, you will be allowed continuous enrollment in that district until graduation, until you withdraw from that district, or until you reside outside of Kent ISD, at which time you may return to your resident district.
  • Waiting lists will be created at choice districts after the lottery/random draw and parents will be notified if spaces become available.
  • Siblings of students currently attending under the Schools of Choice Program will be assigned to open spots before a random draw begins. Students who reside in the same household as students enrolled in the immediately preceding school year, semester or trimester will be considered “siblings” for the purpose of Schools of Choice.
  • The only limit on movement between school districts for an applicant to the Kent ISD Collaborative Schools of Choice Plan is the space available in the desired district and/or the Choice student’s suspension or expulsion record.


Transfer with a Non-Resident Enrollment Request (Section 6)

Scholars who live outside of the Kent ISD, or scholars who live within the Kent ISD but have not completed a School of Choice application, may apply to attend GRPS through a Non-Resident Enrollment Request (Section 6). To complete the application, click the button below to download and fill out the PDF form. After completion, please email your form to or deliver a hard copy by mail to the Community & Student Services department at 1331 Martin Luther King Jr St SE.

Download the Non-Resident Enrollment Request Form

Please note that transportation will not be provided for scholars on Section 6 release. It is only valid for one school year. If the release is approved, the parent/guardian will have to reapply the following school year.


Complete the In-District Transfer Form

GRPS scholars interested in attending a neighborhood school different from the one to which they are assigned may apply for an in-district transfer to another GRPS neighborhood school. (This process does not apply to theme schools.) 

To complete the transfer request, please download and complete the form. After completion, email it to or deliver a hard copy by mail to the Community & Student Services department at 1331 Martin Luther King Jr St SE. You may also bring the completed form to the neighborhood school the scholar is interested in attending. Transportation is not provided.

 In-District Transfer Form   Petición de Transferencia