Attention parents! It is that time of year again where weather conditions may require GRPS to close schools. There are a number of different ways GRPS informs parents, students, and the community in the event that a school or the entire district must close due to severe weather or operation-related reasons (e.g. power outage/no heat).  The District attempts to announce any closures by 11:00pm the night before. However, given changing weather conditions, the District’s goal is to make the announcement no later than 5:30 a.m. the morning/day of.

The following are a list of ways to learn whether or not schools are closed:

  1. Media Outlets (Network Television, Radio, Newsprint, On-Line): GRPS sends information to all media outlets about any closure. The network television stations, radio, and on-line news are among the first to report on closures. WOODTV8, WXMI Fox 17, WZZM TV13, and WWMT TV3 are the main television stations.
  2. Automated Phone Calls: GRPS runs automated phone calls to all parents. To ensure you are receiving calls, please check with your school to make sure your emergency contact information is up-to-date.
  3. Text Message: GRPS also sends text messages alerting parents who have opted in to receive the text message. To opt in, simply text “YES” to 68453.
  4. GRPS Email: GRPS also sends out an email message to all parents who have either signed up to receive E-News or have provided their email address on the enrollment form. If you would like to sign up, visit the home page at
  5. GRPS Website/Facebook/Twitter: GRPS posts all closings on the district website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (@grpublicschools). You are encouraged to become a GRPS Facebook “fan” or “follow” GRPS on Twitter for closures as well as news and information about the district.
  6. GRPS Main Phone: You may also call the GRPS Main Line at 819-2000 and listen to “School Closure Information.”