5010 Goals and Objectives
5020 Equal Employment Opportunity
5030 Non-Discrimination and Complaint Procedure
5030-R Rules:  Non-Discrimination and Complaint Procedureion and Complaint Procedure
5035 Discriminatory Harassment of Employees or Applicants
5035-R Rules:  Discriminatory Harassment of Employees or Applicants
  Federal Title Programs
  Sexual Harassment and Intimidation
5040 Retaliation and Whistle-Blowing
5050 Service Animals
5050-R Service Animals
5170 Recruitment
  Identity and Employment Status
  Title I Compliance
5170-R Rules:  Recruitment
5175 Criminal History Background Checks- Employee/Independent Contractors/Vendors
  Reporting Crimes and Convictions
5175-R Rules:  Criminal History Background Checks- Employee/Independent Contractors/Vendors
  Required Criminal Background Checks
  Results of Criminal Background Checks
  Duty to Report
5180 Unauthorized Release of Information
5180-R Rules:  Unauthorized Release of Information
  Employee Competence
  Security of Data
5185 Social Security Number Confidentiality
5185-R Rules:  Social Security Number Confidentiality
  Public Records
  Information Collected
  Public Display
  Mailed or Transmitted Documents
  Telephonic Communications
  Access to Social Security Numbers
  Storage and Disposal
  Improper Disclosures
  Policy Availability
5200 Staff Conduct
  Federal Compliance
  Staff Appearance
5202 Use of Social Media
5203 Use of District Equipment, Supplies, Property and Materials
5205 Possessing, Transporting, or Transmitting Dangerous Weapons
  Facsimile Weapons
5220 Staff-Student Relations
  Threats to Students
5230 Employee Conflict of Interest and Ethical Responsibilities
5230-R Rules:  Employee Conflict of Interest and Ethical Responsibilities
5300 Personnel Records
5300-R Rules:  Personnel Records
5330 Travel Expenses
5330-R Rules:  Travel Expenses
5335 Health Records- HIPAA
5340 Staff Health and Safety
5340-R Rules:  Staff Health and Safety
  Staff Protection
5345 Staff Smoking and Tobacco Products
5350 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
5357 Family and Medical Leave
5357-R Rules:  Family and Medical Leave
  Family and Medical Leave Act Administrative Procedures
  Notice and Certification
  Serious Health Condition Defined
  Intermittent Leaves
  Alternate Employment During an FLMA Leave
  Instructional Employees
  Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions
5370 Communicable Diseases- Staff
5370-R Rules:  Communicable Diseases- Staff
  Communicable Disease Review Panel
5410 Professional Staff Contracts
  Compensation and Benefits
5420 Nepotism
5430 Hiring
5430-R Rules:  Hiring
5500 Teaching Staff Probation and Tenure
  Administrative Tenure
  Administration of Tenure
5510 Placement of Teachers
5520 Performance Evaluation Systems
  Teachers and School Administrators
  Other Contract Employees
5540 Suspension and/or Dismissal of Professional Staff
5540-R Rules:  Suspension and/or Dismissal of Professional Staff
  General Procedure for Handling Complaints about a Member of the Professional Staff
  Hearing Procedure- Complaints Against Employees
5560 Resignation of Professional Staff
5685 Arrangement for Substitutes
5685-R Rules:  Arrangement for Substitutes
5695 Ethics
  Pay Rates
5725 Qualifications and Duties- Non-Certified Staff
5730 Recruitment- Non-Certified Staff
5740 Non-Certified Positions
5750 Part-Time and Substitute Non-Certified Staff
5790 Supervision of Non-Certified Staff
5800 Evaluation of Non-Certified Staff
5830 Suspension and Dismissal of Non-Certified Staff
  At-Will Employees
5850 Resignation of Non-Certified Staff
5935 Military Leave