To ensure that all students are educated, self-directed and productive members of society.

Upon graduation students will be:

Educated and therefore able to:

    1. Apply skills and knowledge learned from a rigorous and relevant core curriculum.
    2. Demonstrate proficiency in current technologies.
    3. Transfer career and employability skills across multiple settings.
    4. Pursue lifelong learning to succeed in a changing global community.

Self-Directed and therefore able to:

    1. Use a high degree of self-awareness to facilitate making life-directing decisions.
    2. Identify and initiate career-appropriate post-secondary options.

Productive and therefore able to:

    1. Appreciate and respect cultural and individual diversity.
    2. Actively participate as productive members of a democratic society.

Graduates will meet the specific credit requirements as defined by the rules of this policy. These requirements will meet or exceed the minimum graduation requirements as defined by the state of Michigan.


We believe that all children can achieve their academic potential through effort, high expectations, and quality teaching.


Our vision is to become a world-class performing district with a diverse portfolio of the highest quality schools, with the top educational talent, to meet the differing academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of every student with unrelenting focus on high achievement, high expectations, and preparation for the 21st Century economy.