3100 Annual Operating Budget
  Hearings and Reviews
3100-R Rules:  Annual Operating Budget
  Budget Adoption Procedures
  Hearings and Reviews
3150 Budget Fund Balance
3200 Local, State, and Federal Funding Proposals & Applications
  Grant Procurements and Awards
3280 Borrowing and Debt Service
  Sale of Bonds
  Debt Service
3290 Summer Property Tax Levy
3300 Investment of Funds
  Investment Objectives
  Management of Investments
  Standards of Prudence
  Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  Authorized Investment Institutions & Dealers
  Competitive Selection of Investment Instruments
  Authorized Investments and Portfolio Composition
3340 Fees, Payments and Rentals
  Rental and Leasing of District Property
  Gate Receipts and Admissions
  Income and Payments from Sales and Service
  Non-Sufficient Fund Checks
3340-R Rules:  Fees, Payments and Rentals
3400 Depository of Funds
3405 Electronic Transaction of Funds
  Internal Accounting
3405-R Rules:  Electronic Transaction of Funds
  Internal Accounting
3410 Safeguarding of Money and Other Assets
3410-R Rules:  Safeguarding of Money and Other Assets
3490 Inventories- Fixed and Controlled Assets
  Control of Equipment
  Fixed Asset Accounting System
3490-R Rules:  Inventories- Fixed and Controlled Assets
  Fixed Asset Accounting System
3500 Audits
3520 Fraud Prevention and Investigation
3520-R Rules:  Fraud Prevention and Investigation
3550 Authorized Signatures
3580 Payroll Procedures and Schedules
3580-R Rules:  Payroll Procedures and Schedules
3600 Reimbursement of Expenses
3600-R Rules:  Reimbursement of Expenses
  Spouses, Family Members and Others
  Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
  Authorization for Travel
  Methods of Travel
  Drivers of District-Provided Vehicles
  Reimbursable Travel- Conference Expenses
  Daily Travel
3610 Purchasing Goods and Services
  Purchasing from District Employees
  Purchases Through the District
  Emergency Purchases
3610-R Rules:  Purchasing Goods and Services
3620 Administrative Leeway
3660 Bids and Quotations Requirements
  Competitive Bids
  Bid Specifications
3660-R Rules:  Bids and Quotations Requirements
  Non-Competitive Bid Purchases
  Informal Quotations
  Formal Bid Quotations
  Competitive Bids on Building Construction/Renovation/Repairs
  Qualified Bidder
  Bid Specifications
  Rejection of Bids
3665 Food and Nutrition Service Procurement
3670-R Rules:  Local Construction Contracting
  Qualification for Local Construction Contracting Preference
  Non-Local Vendors
  Joint Venture Bidding
3680 Meal Charging Meal Charging 
3690-R Rules:  Local Purchasing Preference
  Qualifications for Local Purchasing Preference
3730 Vendor Relations
3730-R Rules:  Vendor Relations
3740 Criminal History Background Checks- Independent Contractors/Vendors
3740-R Rules:  Criminal History Background Checks- Independent Contractors/Vendors
  Required Criminal Background Checks
  Results of Criminal Background Checks
  Duty to Report
3800 Fund Raising and Student Activity Fund
  Soliciting Funds from and by Students
3800-R Rules:  Fund Raising and Student Activity Fund
  Door-to-Door Sales
  Safety Training
  Student Groups
  Adult Groups
3900 Surplus Books, Equipment and Supplies
3950 Surplus Land or Buildings
3950-R Rules:  Surplus Land or Buildings
  Sale, Lease, or Disposition of Real Property