GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) - The playground of C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy was filled with excitement as scholars from every grade gathered to get a peek at the highly anticipated Eclipse of 2024.

The scholars, including Mrs. Schultz’s third-grade class, came prepared with clipboards and observation sheets to document their findings. They diligently recorded their observations every 15 to 20 minutes, noting changes in how the sun and moon looked together and changes in temperature.

Fifth-grade scholar Lily eagerly anticipated witnessing the eclipse, finding it fascinating and akin to an optical illusion.

“It was kind of like cloud watching because I got to pick out what I thought it looked like,” Lily decided. “It kind of looked like a toenail, macaroni and cheese, a banana, and a really weird smile!”

Scholars watched the moon move in front of the sun with their supplied solar eclipse viewing glasses pointing out the different things they could see. One scholar told his buddies “You can kind of see where certain flares are from the sun, if you look close.”

After the maximum totality was reached classes started heading back into school to finish the day. Fifth-grader Tegan appreciated the decision to allow the scholars outside to check out the rare phenomenon. “It was really cool, and I am really thankful for my school doing that.”