GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) — Grand Rapids Public Schools leadership is working to Reimagine engagement with staff across the district.

This month, district leadership launched a new opportunity for team member engagement with district leaders: All-District Staff Meetings. The voluntary meetings were held on October 19 at Riverside Middle School and October 24 at Buchanan Elementary School. All GRPS staff were invited.

These meetings are a direct response to findings in the GRPS Community Engagement Report conducted by The Eureka Group earlier this year. The report found that 84% of staff surveyed believed there was a need for more engagement between staff and district leaders.

District leaders hope the recurring meetings will help to develop a culture of trust and transparency.

GRPS administrators were present to hear and respond to the voice of our staff, creating an opportunity for meaningful two-way conversation. 

Staff were engaged in choosing topics discussed during the meetings and help harvest future topics.

All-staff meetings will continue through the 2023-24 school year. The next meetings are scheduled for early next year.