GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) -- The "start of summer" in Grand Rapids will feature a look designed by a Grand Rapids Public Schools educator this year.

Ottawa Hills High School Art Teacher Stephen Smith and his wife, Taylor Smith, designed the artwork for this year's Festival of the Arts poster. The duo owns Muse GR, a gallery on Leonard St. NW.

"The poster design was a result of our collective experiences and innovative thinking," Stephen Smith said. "Taylor and I have always enjoyed pushing the boundaries while keeping practicality in mind."

You can view the original artwork at the Visual Arts Exhibition on the DeVos Place Convention Center skywalk. It includes several bright colors along with the shape of "La Grande Vitesse," Alexander Calder's sculpture that is the artistic symbol of Grand Rapids.

"Our inspiration stemmed from the power of color and shape and how they can evoke joy when combined thoughtfully. By blending our unique styles, we created a design that we believe is both fun and inclusive," Stephen Smith said.

Stephen Smith says he is honored to receive this recognition from such a prestigious festival.

"This vibrant event allows us to witness the city through the diverse perspectives of talented individuals, offering a fresh and unique lens to appreciate our surroundings," Stephen Smith said. "The festival creates an invaluable opportunity for the public to connect with art on a personal level, sparking conversations, emotions, and a deeper understanding of the creative process."

Festival of the Arts runs June 7 - 9 in downtown Grand Rapids.

"What truly excites us is the potential for even more people to be involved, as this festival has the power to engage and inspire individuals from all walks of life," Stephen Smith added.