GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) - Grand Rapids Public Schools leaders are investigating after a weapon was confiscated from an elementary-school student at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School.

Wednesday morning a student reported to school staff that another student was in possession of a gun. School staff responded immediately and found that a student had an unloaded weapon in a backpack located in their locker.

The gun was unloaded and the student was not in possession of any bullets for the weapon.

Grand Rapids Police are investigating the incident. The student was removed from the school and the matter will be addressed according to school policy and the law.

“We would like to commend the student who reported this situation, as their quick thinking allowed us to address the matter immediately. We urge all parents to use this incident as an opportunity to remind their children to speak up when something doesn't seem right,” GRPS Superintendent Leadriane Roby said. “We also want to emphasize the importance of safe gun storage. Children are curious and we implore all gun owners to lock and store their weapons safely out of their reach.”

This is the third weapon confiscated from students at school since the start of the academic year. Each incident involved students in middle school or younger.

“This is a storyline that is repeating itself all over the country and in far too many cases it has resulted in catastrophic and deadly outcomes,” Dr. Roby said. “We will not sit by and wait for a tragedy like that to happen here.”

Dr. Roby has announced plans to hold a community forum focused on school safety and security. The event will be held later this month. Details will be announced once plans are finalized.