The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), our world-class preschool program at GRPS, is a unique program that offers youth a chance to dip their toes into the world of education and prepare themselves for kindergarten and beyond. 

On Friday, April 28, we are opening our preschool classrooms for a Preschool Here I Come event where interested parents and guardians can learn more about GSRP and the enrollment process.

“Our program helps children build their emotional and social development prior to kindergarten,” said Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy preschool teacher Amy Bocian. “Their brain is developing fast at age four, so they need foundational skills to be successful in kindergarten.”

GSRP is for children turning 4-years old on or before December 1st with preference given to children entering kindergarten the following year. The Program provides families with tuition-free options if they meet income and eligibility criteria. 

GSRP focuses on research-based curriculum and purposeful learning through play. Scholars participate in hands-on activities to enhance their learning experience and increase their relationships with other scholars who will likely be in their future classes at GRPS. 

There are 24 convenient school-based locations for families to enroll their children in the four-day, full-day program. Preschool scholars are also provided a free, nutritious breakfast and lunch every day.

As a district, we are committed to hiring culturally diverse staff and giving scholars individualized learning goals to best prepare them for their lifelong education. 

“There are a variety of diverse books and stories presented to the scholars,” said Bocian. “Each student has the opportunity to apply these stories and emotions to their lives, which teaches them how to self-regulate strong feelings and know how to apply them.”

Bocian also mentioned that scholars who had been enrolled in the preschool program prior to kindergarten stood out among their other classmates in terms of their ability to adapt to a school environment.

Scholars develop relationships through small and large group activities, which prepares them for all types of group work. Because preschool programs are located in GRPS elementary schools, scholars are also introduced to life past preschool. 

The program instills a love for learning in scholars. They develop a love for school and build a stronger skill set academically and personally.

If you are a parent looking to enroll your child in this world-class preschool program, visit