GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) — The impact of hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico is unmistakable for anyone who sees the images on the nightly news, but it could hardly be more personal for those who have loved ones in the path of the storm.

Dickinson Academy Assistant Principal Cindy Rivera Madera is from Puerto Rico. She moved to Grand Rapids with her husband and daughter in 2018 to take on a teaching job with the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Her son stayed back home to continue his education in Puerto Rico.

WOOD TV reported on the fear and concern she has for her son knowing she is so far away from him as he deals with the dangerous fallout from the storm.  View full story on

“We know this storm has an impact on our staff and scholars who have loved ones in harm’s way,” said GRPS Superintendent Dr. Leadriane Roby. “Our school community members are among those hoping and praying for relief.”