Tori Berg is the Post-Graduation Success Coordinator for Innovation Central, has worked for GRPS for a dozen years, and coordinated the event.

Her day-to-day work, she said, is to help scholars find their path after high school. 

“I help students explore career ideas and the paths it can take to get to their goal,” she said. “I help prepare students for life after graduation.”

The work, she added, is incredibly satisfying.

“I love helping scholars explore their future,” she said. “I get excited when they come to me for help.  To me, that means they are ready to get serious.”

Career Fairs are something she has organized in the past, but this was the first of many Job Fairs, intended to get students working in paid jobs and internships this summer.

“Our goal is to help our scholars find gainful employment around the city, and to showcase how students here at Innovation Central have classroom experience that sets them apart,” she said.

That classroom experience is rooted in the high school’s five academies.

“Scholars are leaving Innovation Central with certifications in pharmacy tech or as an EMT, they know how to build a house from the foundation up, they are exploring all things engineering, robots and STEM, spearheading their own start-up companies,” she said. “They are ready to be leaders.”

“I believe that job fairs give students the opportunity to gain employment and witness firsthand that employers value them and their time,” she added. “And I believe that job fairs give local employers a chance to tap into a group of hardworking individuals that they might otherwise not have seen. Our goal is to provide a space for local businesses to connect with and hire our students.”