Grand Rapids, Mich. (GRPS) -- Mulick Park Elementary transformed Friday into the heart of “Move More Month” with the American Heart Association of West Michigan.

Under a sunny sky, approximately 300 scholars ventured to the playground, engaging in various activities. Hula hoops beckoned at one station, while another offered treats like freshly made smoothies and granola bars. “Hearty,” the American Heart Association mascot, paid a special visit and joined the fun.

“Special thanks extend to the dedicated volunteers who contributed to organizing this event, alongside the efforts of Mulick Park Health Office's school nurse, Cherie Olsen, and Health Aide, Brynn Van Dyke,” said Director of School Health Services Kim Baron. “Their unwavering passion for promoting outdoor fun and healthy choices made this event a success.”

Every scholar received a foot-shaped charm keychain as a reminder to keep moving and stay healthy.