GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) -- Scholars at CA Frost Environmental Science Academy are putting their learning to work by hosting a community event.

It all started with a book. Scholars read "On Meadowview Street" by Henry Cole. In the book Caroline's family moves to Meadowview Street, only to learn there is no meadow. Caroline changes that by turning her family's yard into a wildlife preserve.

Over the past year, scholars have put Caroline's story into practice in the community around CA Frost. Scholars surveyed neighbors to gauge interest, generating a long list of potential locations.

Fourth graders worked together to determine which native plants they could buy on a budget for the project. Second graders designed the gardens, receiving praise from expert landscapers. Scholars then worked together to install two backyard wildlife habitats in the spring and fall of 2023.

Now, scholars are hoping that you will join their mission by attending their "Habitat Community Event." It will be on Saturday, May 11, from 1-4 pm at CA Frost Environmental Science Academy, 1460 Laughlin Drive NW.

Native plants grown by scholars at CA Frost Environmental Science Middle High will be available for purchase so that you can start your own habitat at home. Students will be present at the event to teach community members about how to design a backyard wildlife habitat.

"Our students are learning how to help neighbors, protect wildlife, and do something good for the earth," said Laura Kenworthy, a teacher at CA Frost Environmental Science Academy.

“It's fun to see the kids realize that they can be the teachers," said Amy Paul, a teacher at CA Frost Environmental Science Academy.

There will also be games, crafts, face painting, and snacks at the community event.

Habitat Community Event invitation