GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (GRPS) — Grand Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Leadriane Roby, Ph.D. was rated “highly effective” during her annual performance review by the Board of Education Monday.

The review was completed prior to the regular Grand Rapids Board of Education meeting Monday, December 5. During the public meeting after the review, the Board voted unanimously to rate her performance “highly effective”.

Board members remarked enthusiastically about Roby’s performance after their vote calling her top-rated evaluation “well-deserved”.

“Dr. Roby has exceeded our expectations while working through an extremely challenging time in our district's history,” Board President Raynard Ross said. “She is committed to the success of both our scholars and staff and works diligently to ensure that our schools are poised for academic growth and future success.”

“It is an honor to serve this wonderful school district and to be a part of the incredible work happening in our schools,” Dr. Roby said. “The evaluation from the school board is a reflection of the work of our full team — from the cabinet members to the staff in our buildings. This group shows up for our scholars every day and I’m thrilled to have the privilege to lead GRPS into the future.”

Dr. Roby was named one of the area's “Most Powerful Business Leaders” by the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Read GRBJ report.

Earlier this year Dr. Roby signed a three-year extension to her contract, extending her agreement with GRPS through June of 2026. Read full story.